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Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

How to Get Over a Broken Heart Pain

Get Over a Broken Heart Pain, Every woman has had her heart broken pain. Every woman. Even the beautiful ones, the successful ones, the famous ones and the rich ones. (See Jennifer Aniston.) Every woman thinks she'll never get over it, but she will ...

Now here's some of the real case stories from women who had suffered through the pain and get back on their feet again and get over a broken heart

MARTHA: I had my heart broken this past November. I'm still sad and in pain, but the jerk doesn't consume my every thought like he did at first.

What I did to Get Over a Broken Heart Pain and get him off my mind was to better myself. I treated myself, and I bought some stylish new clothes and got my hair done. I hung out with relatives and friends that I hadn't been in touch with for a while. I spent a lot of quality time with my young daughter. I took a bowling lesson, and now I bowl weekly with my sister.

I started seeing a psychologist because it feels good to talk to someone and get your feelings out. I also spent a lot of time catching up on my reading in coffee shops. It's very peaceful, and it took my mind away from any sad thoughts.

And finally, I put my favorite motto into action: "The best way to forget a man and heal this broken heart pain is by seeing another man." I joined an online dating service and have met a very nice man who makes me happy again.

DEENA: By the time I was 28, I'd been involved with John for five years. I thought my relationship was perfect, and we got engaged. After 18 months, he proposed.

Then, he started to back out. Every time I wanted to discuss our wedding plans, he'd say, "We need to work out some issues first." There were two more years of this. By this time, I was 32.

I was absolutely devastated.

I finally began to pull away, but slowly. I loved him too much to totally run away. That was my mistake. Every time he wanted to come back, I took him. Every time I did, it was worse than before because nothing had changed. Finally, I said goodbye.

After months of tears and confusion, I picked myself up. It took everything I had and spending every moment in prayer to get back into life again.

I'm here to tell you my prayers were answered. I'm living life to the absolute fullest. I'm now 37 and have a happy heart again, full of love. I've surrounded myself with fabulous people who love being with me and who have made me love life again! All glory to God for the hope of another day!

JACKIE: My boyfriend strung me along for over 10 years. Every year I told myself this would be the year we'd get married. It never happened. I started having panic attacks. I couldn't eat or sleep. I started seeing a therapist, and he told me everything I already knew. He also put me on medication to get some sleep. But the medication made me feel like someone else, and I wanted to be myself again.

One night, I got down on my knees and prayed, and believe it or not, the next day I felt brand new. Without med! I accepted me. I started hanging out with friends and going to movies by myself. I got to know me, and I knew that I deserved better and this is how I Get Over a Broken Heart Pain.

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